Innovation at Colas ISS

Whether it be helping eliminate low value (and often repetitive) tasks required to operate our systems, or increasing the value of the data we have by automating its capture, increasing its quality and its timeliness, and making it easier to use by our users, it all ends up helping our business make better informed decision that give Colas an edge over our competition.

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FlexiCapture – Modernizing the Invoice Workflow

Streamlining the operation reports for North American plants.

ORE 2.0

Streamlining the operation reports for North American plants.

DARCI – Two-way maintenance text messaging system

DARCI has opened the door to our IT systems to more people that have never had access before, in a secure manner.

AP Process Automation

Automation can dramatically improve and benefit the Accounts Payable process by significantly reducing the cost of labor, increasing productivity, speeding up invoice cycle time and helping reduce payment errors.

A True Digital Master Schedule

Made by our employees, for our employees.