The Future of AI

Colas North America explores the benefits of Microsoft Copilot and introduces Colas GPT Playground, a secure alternative to ChatGPT.

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Technology is advancing faster than many of us can keep track of.  Colas IS Support works hard behind the scenes to keep the lights on for Colas North America, while also actively keeping up with the cutting edge of technology.

Everyone has heard of Microsoft, from Windows to Xbox to Office.  Our global IT team works hard to make sure all the updates to our Microsoft software are going to have a positive impact for us.  That said, Microsoft Copilot is the newest Artificial Intelligence technology that Colas will soon adopt.  Copilot couldn’t be a more perfect name for these supportive AI features that will assist you as a virtual “copilot” when using Microsoft applications.  While some of you may be lucky enough to test Copilot in the coming months, the rest of us will be able to subscribe for a fee in the second half of the year.  Let’s break down what this tool will do to enhance everyday systems like Teams, Outlook and PowerPoint.

Learn more about Copilot: Microsoft 365 Copilot – YouTube

Microsoft Teams ·        Meeting recap writeups and videos broken down by topic

·        Summary of discussion and decisions

·        Detailed tasks assigned to each individual with deadlines


Microsoft Outlook ·        Summaries generated to catch you up on what you’ve missed while offline

·        Recaps of back-and-forth conversations to serve as documentation

·        AI draft replies to emails using referenced data points and auto generated models

Microsoft PowerPoint ·        Design automation based on input topic context

·        Animation and graphics creations to reflect presentation content

·        Talking points will auto generate in the notes section

Have you heard of ChatGPT?

It’s a public AI processing tool on the internet to answer questions and assist with tasks such as creating graphics, composing emails, writing code and so much more by the day. However, be aware that everything you type and upload to ChatGPT becomes public and feeds the algorithm.   To maintain our goal of security as a priority Colas has created its own COLAS GPT Playground which keeps our data private.  Now the possibilities are endless.  Give it a try and see how you can make your life easier!

Try Colas GPT: ColasGPT