A two-way text messaging system for our onsite users to communicate directly with mechanics.

Digital Assistant with Repartee for Colas Inc.

Usage of DARCI dramatically saves time for everyone involved in the process, whether it is simply moving away from paper inspections, and removing double entry by shop personnel. Communication between people in the field, shop, and office is vastly improved. It also enhances management’s intelligence with key performance indicators around inspections and work orders.

From construction equipment, to manufacturing assets, the equipment inspector completes the inspection by scanning a QR code directly on the asset, using their cell phone text messaging. When an issue is identified, the inspector may attach a photo of the issue and add a comment. A work order is then created simultaneously in JDE and DARCI Garage for mechanics to work on. The work order is continually updated in JDE as it is worked on in DARCI garage by the mechanics. Throughout the lifetime of a work order, mechanics are also able to update the inspector with any instructions, should the asset be inspected again, after the issue is reported. DARCI data is reportable and KPIs are in place for higher management to review.

  1. How long has app or software been live?
    • DARCI has been around since 2019, while the JDE integration has been live since June of 2022.
  2. How many users?
    • 335 office/mechanic users + 1600 monthly active field users
  3. Regions using software or application?
    • 100% of the U.S and 3 regions in Canada with the goal of implementing the rest of Canada in 2023
  4. How long does the implementation period take?
    • A company that is brand-new to DARCI can be fully implemented in less than a month.