The Full Advantage of HeavyJob Mobile and HeavyJob Manager

by Kurtis Strouse

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HeavyJob Mobile & HeavyJob Manager are capable of much more than just creating and approving Time Cards on a daily basis. These applications have many other features that can help a Foreman, Superintendent, Project Manager or even Division Manager keep up to date and informed on specific projects or events across divisions.

Do you want to track crew standby time, material delays, plant or paver breakdowns, field employee ideas? How about reviewing how your crew performed on a daily basis? If so, keep reading.

Diaries & Note Indexes
This feature allows for tracking important events on the job site such as safety incidents, weather delays, subcontractor mobilizations, material delays etc. The real value comes when all Foreman are using the same Note Indexes throughout the season to track specific information that can provide value.

You have a service review with one of your primary concrete suppliers. Their trucks were late to the job site on a regular basis throughout the season which resulted in crew standby costs and had schedule implications. The Concrete Foremen used a consistent Note Index on their Time Card to mark every instance the supplier was late and by how long. Knowing that, you run the Diary and Cost Code Notes report and can bring that information, from across all projects, to the review meeting.

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Job Analysis & Cost Code Details
Using this feature Foremen can better understand how their crew is performing based on the original estimate. They can get daily feedback on the costs codes they are using and are able to see how the estimate was put together. This gives good feedback to the Foreman but can also be run on HeavyJob Manager so that Project Managers can review all cost codes that were completed on a specific day or throughout a project.

It’s the middle of the season and a paving Foreman notices that they haven’t been achieving the estimated production goals, but their labor costs have been coming in under budget. The Foreman looks at the crew details the Estimator is using and realizes that the estimate has a couple more skilled laborers than the crew in the field. The company can then make the decision to add more crew members to increase production or adjust the crews in the estimating system, HeavyBid.

These are just a couple of examples of how HeavyJob Mobile & Manager can help different people in an organization get the information they need to make better business decisions.