Colas ISS is cultivating the culture for the leaders to take on mentorship roles to encourage women to advance in their career. Having an advocate who can show young people the ropes and open doors for them is an incredible advantage for newcomers. It is especially important in a field as competitive as technology.

Provide Safe Platforms
As Colas ISS is gearing towards acquiring a more diverse workforce, it provides safe platforms like a confidential employee assistance program that helps you deal with life’s challenges and the demands that come with balancing home and work. It’s time to make sure that women in tech have a seat at the table and a voice in the decisions being made.

Embark on Tech Careers
So how do we bring more women into the tech sector? There’s no simple answer. Colas ISS encourages women to enhance their skills and take measures to keep them in the workforce with training, diversity and inclusion policies, and flexible working arrangements. There has never been a better time to seize this opportunity, and make sure that we are challenging the status quo.

Talk to Empowered Women
At Colas ISS, you will have opportunity to converse and learn from women of all ages, in all stages of their career, women of all cultures and backgrounds, women of all skills and abilities. They will be able to give you a glimpse of the possibilities that a career in tech offers; an opportunity to solve real problems and make a positive impact on people around the world. Because the more women that understand what’s possible, the more women we’ll have in tech to help us make the world a better place.

As a woman of color in a management role, I find myself in a comfortable position to voice my opinion and have enough autonomy to bring changes to Colas ISS. I would like to see other women overcome their inhibitions and come into the technology field. Colas ISS is working on women empowerment strategies and strategies for inclusion of women in every level of the organizational hierarchy. Join us to be part of a dynamic environment with plenty of growth potential.