Self-Service IT Support for a Growing Organization

by Teresa Knight

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The growth of Colas ISS brought together many independent companies, each with their own IT service approach. As our IT services centralized, it was clear we needed an effective ITSM tool to streamline our services for the modern, integrated business world. Our challenge was to find the solution to apply best practices and standardization along with internal controls and compliance governance, while providing our customers with an innovative service portal.

In 2017 ServiceNow – known as ServiceOne for Colas – was implemented in the USA, Canada, France, and many European countries. Using an ITIL framework including the service value chain, best practices, guiding principles and continual improvement, we have developed an operating model that enables us to react to changing demands from our stakeholders in an effective and efficient way.

We continue to adapt and develop new services for our customers through ServiceOne, working towards more self-service and automation and providing faster resolution to IT requests. Our service portal evolution provides on-demand availability for our customers to interact with IT services to report an issue, request an item from the catalog, and review our ever-growing knowledge base to keep current with business processes and application “how-to” articles. The most important element of any ITSM is the customer experience and perception of value. We are committed to the focus of value in every area of the ServiceOne platform.